Nail Tips

Hello beloved customers, today we bring you a few tips and information on our furkid’s nails.
If your dog is kept indoor at all times, it is less likely that his nails will get filed down. As a result its nails will get longer and longer and this can cause complications such as a bent paw. It will also hurt them when they walk on their nails.
It is important to trim their nails regularly especially if they are indoor dogs, at least once every two weeks. Otherwise, the blood vessels inside their nails (also known as the quick) will grow too long. This means that our beloved furkid’s nails will bleed before their nails are short enough.
Do not fear dog lovers! Here are some tips and pictures to help you self trim your furkid’s nails :

Get your beloved pet used to being touched on their paws
This will help them become less nervous when you want to trim their nails. Giving just a little bit of treat will make the experience more positive.

Avoid cutting the ‘quick’
The quick is a vein in the nail which will bleed if you cut it. It is important to keep your dog’s nails short to avoid cutting the quick.

Keep some styptic powder handy
styptic powder is used to stop the dog’s bleeding when you accidentally hit the quick, or if the dog’s nails are too long and needed to be cut shorter. It is important to not overuse the powder to not cause irritation. We at RiSe Pet always have some in our work station.

Remember to reward your furkid 

if your beloved pet was well mannered throughout the process, remember to reward it with some treats and praise!


If you still feel unsure or uncomfortable, feel free to bring your furkid to us and we will gladly do it for you. We hope this information is hopeful, expect more in the future!